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PROUD PAKISTAN MISUNDERSTOOD the very basic tenet that Education should be about students, not politicians, bureaucrats and administrators.

And with that I turn the pages of History and turn to the Year 1968, to give you a glimpse of the state of affairs in the students ecosystem..

LAHORE - PAKISTAN : 1968 : 50 years ago ''Students Demands'' :

Eminent educationists of Lahore today [Dec 2] welcomed the measures announced by President Ayub in his monthly broadcast : last night regarding students demands.

They called upon the students to devote themselves whole heartedly to their studies to equip themselves adequately with knowledge so that they could play their due role in the future developments of the nation.

Professor K.M. Aslam, Principal, Islamia College, Civil Lines, said that the President had been most gracious and kind in issuing instructions for redress of genuine grievances of the students community.

It was now for the students to take fullest advantage of the concessions allowed and facilities provided for them as members of the community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

Prof Aslam said that now it was the paramount duty of the students to create a healthy academic atmosphere in which they should pursue their studies and knowledge so that they could equip themselves adequately with their role in the future progress of the country.

The principal of Islamia College for Women expressed the view that these measures should satisfy the students as their legitimate demands had been met. [Agencies]

PAKISTAN - SIALKOT : In 1968, 50 years ago, Mr. Ashraf Naz, Secretary-General, All Pakistan's Students Federation said here yesterday [Nov 28]-

The entire community had to suffer a lot due due to the irresponsible activities of misguided elements.

Addressing a press conference he said the students  were great patriots and their profound love for the country and the nation was above board. They should not become a party to any move which endangered national insecurity and freedom.

He said, internal disruption and national disunity might prove disastrous  for Pakistan under the existing state of affairs.

 Mr. Naz  said, an overwhelming majority of the students in Sialkot was gravely concerned over the prevalent situation which had resulted in continued dislocation of their precious studies.

Mr. Naz said the students believed in peaceful means for the acceptance of their legitimate demand and they nothing to do with the power politics among various political parties.

He appealed to the Government to accept just demands of the students without further loss of time and release all students arrested during the disturbances. [Agencies].

The demands of the students march are simple and unobjectionable.

They want the state to address the exponential rise of fees at educational institutions and for the  government to crack down bogus schools that charge massive amounts of money but turn out not to even be accredited.

Importantly the marchers also want to address the inequality on campus particularly in the ways of  students from smaller provinces are treated. 
Voices of the Future : The students march will hopefully be the part start of a sustained movement to  reform the most important - and the most ignored - sector in the country:

Pakistan's future depends on it.

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