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PROUD PAKISTAN is probably one of a handful of states that sets itself up as a democratic republic through its constitution, and yet practices -

An overwhelmingly large number of exceptions to the provision of constitutional rights. The issue of  student voice and representation in universities, for example, is one such exception.

Just last Friday, a large number of students participated in coordinated public mobilisation - titled the Students Solidarity March - across all major cities of Pakistan

Organised by a number of new students organisation, such as the Progressive Students Collective, the purpose was to raise awareness of issues faced by students, specially in public and private-sector  higher education institutions in the country.

As conveyed by various participants and and their supporters, the idea of marching on the streets [as with any kind of activism]  is to create political traction around the issue of  students input in education and educational institutions.

Pakistan has a long history of student activism, and much of it lies nested within larger social currents. 

Whether it was leftist mobilisation against the Ayub regime, or ethno-nationalist and Islamist battles during the 1980s, or civic mobilisation for the rule of law in the mid-2000s, students politics has often operated as a microcosm of the mainstream politics.

Periodically, however, we have seen the emergence of activism around the issue central to the occupational identity of students themselves : the quality of education and the experience of studying in universities.

Pakistan is probably one of a handful of states that sets itself as a democratic republic through its constitution, and yet practices an overwhelmingly large number of exceptions to the provision of  constitutional rights.

The issue of student voice and  representation in universities, for example, is one of such exception. Pakistan is not the only country in the world where campus politics has had a history violence. It is also not the only country in the world where political parties have actually developed student wings.

One only needs to look to public sector universities immediately to our east to find examples of both. Yet as with many other issues of conflict, the Pakistani state's default reaction has been to ban and coerce, rather than tackle the problem through actual political means.

The case for student associations and representation is straightforward and has been made by a number of activists and academics in recent years.

What makes the Students' Solidarity March particularly compelling is that students in campuses across the country are increasingly cognisant and vocal about the multiple problems plaguing higher education in Pakistan.

Recent analysis put forward by researcher and activist Ammar Rashid sets the record abundantly straight : higher education in the country suffers from issues of access, quality and experience.

On the first, despite urbanisation and associated demographic change, only 5 percent of the age -eligible population has a college degree. In comparison, the same figure for India is touching 10pc.

The current higher education infrastructure in Pakistan is estimated to cater to at most 9% of youth population.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest writings, Operational Research and status on Education and Students continues. The World Students Society thanks author, teacher Umair Javed, LUMS.

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