Headline December 05, 2018/ '' 'WOMEN'S -WAR-TORN- WONDERS' ''


SOME 4.9 MILLION SYRIANS the majority women and children are refugees in neighbouring  states, according to the UN refugee agency UNHCR..............

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LONDON : When members of militant state group brutally invaded her hometown of Kobani in Syria, Shorash didn't initially see it as a career opportunity.

Grabbing only what she could carry, Shorash and her family trekked on foot across the Turkish border.

After months of sleeping rough in parks and bouncing from one refugee camp to another, they eventually settled near Erbil, in Iraq's relatively stable Kurdistan region.

''I had been looking for work without any success, and was feeling rather bored and frustrated,'' said 23-year-old Shorash, who did not disclose her surname for security reasons.

One day, her husband told her about a local women's centre, run by non-profit group ''Women for  Women International'' {WfWI}, that offered training to help women establish businesses.

A law graduate, Shorash was a diligent student and attended all classes, even giving birth to her daughter just hours after her final exams.

She developed a plan to establish a greenhouse construction business - in demand in the region as a modern way to grow fruit and vegetables.

''The programme changed my life - I no longer feel lonely and isolated as before,'' she said.

Gender equality and empowerment of women are among the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals designed to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.

Nowhere is support for women more urgent than in post-conflict situations, expert say.

''We believe that women survivors of war are agents for change, [and] that through empowering women we will actually empower the entire community,'' said Maudana Hendessi, WfWI's director for the Syria crisis response and Iraq.

The WfWI centre, one of the three in Iraq, enables women to rebuild their lives after conflict, to meet in a safe space, and to learn new skills.

''People do have a very distorted view of refugee life,'' Hendessi said.

 ''They think everybody is just sitting there in a tent waiting for food to arrive or for medicine - but we're talking about women who back in Syria were incredibly resourceful, generally quite educated  and losing all of their identity once they became a refugee.''

Women Breadwinners : Some 4.9 million Syrians the majority women and children are refugees in neighbouring states, according to the UN refugee agency UNHCR.

The WfWI programme in Iraq supports around 400  mainly Syrians and Yazdi female refugees, and also works with men to ensure social cohesion.

As is common post-conflict societies, many of the women have lost their male relatives to war, and find themselves thrust into the position of sole breadwinners.

One in four Syrian refugee families is now headed by a woman, according WfWI.

Projects like that supporting Shorash encourage women to grasp entrepreneurial opportunities, nurturing start-ups from wedding services and hair salons to bakeries and sweet shops.

Research suggests men often do not adapt as well as women to new roles in times of conflict, said Nicola Jones, principal research fellow at the London-based Overseas Development Institute.

''Often-women have been more, more flexible,'' she said

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