Headline December 04, 2018/ '' 'DARK DAWN' ''

'' 'DARK DAWN' ''

''YOU BLOCK YOUR DREAM ...... when  you show your fear to grow bigger than your faith,'' And that is Mary Manin Morrissey for you all.

In Proud Pakistan some very shameful numbers come to the fore. The grim reality is encapsulated in a new UN report - the ruling elite in Pakistan, more so than elsewhere, is both shamefully and criminally neglectful of its people.

According to the Social Outlook for Asia the Pacific, Pakistan is among the countries in the Asia-Pacific region that spends the least on social protection, education and healthcare.

So little does the country invest in its people in fact, that for the poorest 40 percent of the population to see a reduction in the absolute income gap from the average of the population, it would take an astonishing 150 years.

Not only is that a national disgrace, it also means that Pakistan will be unable to meet its international commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

The World Students Society thanks Dawn's editorial staff for the above piece, and for the Urdu speaking students of the world, quotes a most relevant and beautiful verse:

''Dekha to phir woheen thay chalay thay jahan se hum........
Kashti kay saath kinaray chalay gaye.''

[We found ourselves to be where we had begun. The coast moved so did the boat.]

Reverting to the continuing publishing, I say once again because that there are  millions of US residents who are shocked when border police fire tear gas at women and children.

IN THE US millions are shocked because they don't understand the history of the nation they call home.

Millions are shocked because they believe the nation is a good place.
Millions are shocked until they are no longer shocked because the commonplace nature of these and other human rights abuses desensitizes them to the brutal nature of these acts and the system that requires them.

DRONE strikes, once considered to be some kind of humane warfare [perhaps because Barrack Obama who turned to them as his primary means of killing], are now barely discussed in the media.

This is despite the fact that they have actually increased under President Donald Trump.

US wars of aggression have also continued, with civilian deaths increasing in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

That increase is present even when using the Pentagon rubric which essentially labels any male ten years and older as a combatant, much like any Black male over ten in the US is considered by police to be domestic equivalent of a combatant.

On the southern US border military and police forces combine their numbers to deny refugees their internationally protected rights to asylum.

Certain media outlets champion this violation of international law and cheer the use of of tear gas on the refugees.

Many politicians proclaim their shock at the brutality against refugees while they continue to defend the ongoing US military operations around the world -operations which violate international law as a matter of policy.

The Trumpist reign has once again shown the world what what the US really is.

It has also created a certain chaos that proves how fragile the world capitalist system is. Both of these might be construed as positive phenomena :

''What matters is what is done with this  knowledge. Overturning the neoliberal capitalist world order should be a good thing.

The World Students Society thanks, yet again, author Ron Jacobs.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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''' Hybrid Warfare '''

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