PAX TECHNICA : Written by Philip N. Howard. An unfashionably optimistic view on the Internet of Things [IoT] and what this new hyper-connectedness could do for politics, democracy and even the authoritarian regimes that have flourished lately.

He argues that IoT won't just change nature of devices but the ability - or inability - of power brokers to control it.

Brotopia : Breaking Up the Boys 'Club of Silicon Valley : Written by Emily Chang.

A riveting call to arms against the stifling homogeneity of Silicon Valley's tech bro communities. Enshrined in exclusive cultural practices meeting in a hot tub or the local strip club anyone? - and workplaces where discrimination and harassment are rife, this book takes aim at the antiquated views still baked into one of the otherwise most forward-thinking segments of society.

Supported by interviews with a number of impressive women in tech, and insider scoops on the most troubling hotbeds of this inequality, the book examines how to disrupt the brotopia currently shaping the world of tomorrow.
[Tech World].


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