PAKISTAN : OVER 1 MILLION donors signed up to donate blood using Facebook blood donations feature

The rising challenges of Thalassemia in Pakistan which affects over 100,000 patients every year and this number is increasing due to millions of carriers and lack of awareness.

''CONNECTING people in meaningful way is incredibly important to us. Pakistan, like many countries, has shortage of safe blood,'' said Simon Milner, the vice president of public policy in Facebook Asia Pacific.

''In some cases, this shortages means patients and their families are responsible for finding donors to replace the blood they receive from blood banks and hospitals. This is where  Facebook can help, by finding ways to more efficiently bring blood donors, people and organizations together,'' said the vice president.

''Our research suggests that when people have better information and tools, they're more willing to donate blood and it's easier for people who need blood to find donors.

We hope our product continues to help people come together in ways that weren't possible before, and makes it easier for people and organizations in Pakistan to give and receive blood.''


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