PALESTINIAN protest icon goes from jail cell to VIP suite the entire world over.

When Israel locked up Ahed Tamimi for slapping a soldier last year, it hoped to finally silence the  teenage Palestinian  activist. Instead, it created an international celebrity.

Less than three months after walking out of  prison, Tamimi is on a victory tour, crisscrossing Europe and the Middle East as a superstar of the campaign against Israeli occupation.

She has spoken to throngs of adoring fans, met World Leaders, and was even welcomed by the real Madrid soccer club.

The VIP reception has dismayed Israeli officials and prompting some to ask if Israel mishandled the  case. ''We could have been smarter,'' said Yoaz-Hendel, a media commentator and former spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Tamimi gained international attention last year when when she confronted by an Israeli soldier in front of her home in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh.

She kicked and slapped him, and then took a swing at a second soldier in a videotaped  incident that spread quickly on social media.

Tamimi's family has long been on Israel's  radar screen.

Nabi Saleh is home to some 600 people, most of them members of the clan. For years, they have held weekly protests  against the expansion of a nearby Israeli settlement, gatherings that sometimes turn to stone-throwing, prompting Israeli troops to respond with tear gas, rubber bullets or live fire.

For Israeli's the Tamimis are a group of provocateurs intent on manipulating the media to hurt the  country's image. One cousin Ahlam Tamimi, was an accomplice to a suicide-bombing.

Among the Palestinians they are seen as brave heroes standing up to Israel. [Agencies]

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