PAKISTAN is an E-commerce GOLDMINE for some very special reasons and at times a sleeping market. It has an amazing untapped goods, undiscovered talents, amazing global diaspora and now the amazing emergence of 5 billion online community. But.........

'UNLESS thinkers and management can prove deeper understanding of global markets, customer acquisition and retention models, these website-based models almost glow as a joke;

Today, no other platform or business model is as powerful, quick and hugely profitable as E-commerce but Pakistan has not yet been able to capitalise on it in any grand way. Why?

Three steps to fix it, so let's go deeper.

Overview, just when super techies like Steve and Bill were toying in Radio Shack electronic stores  the leading high demand skills of the period were ''catalogue merchandising-marketing'' an American invention aged and cured since the late as introduced by Montgomery Ward department stores and their deep philosophy of catalogue marketing.

The science evolved and philosophy matured  all the way to a current period. By the time the young techies primed and created Silicon Valley the concept of doing merchandising and selected catalogue selling transformed every quickly into E-commerce.

FACT : Not all business models are merchandising catalogues and not all websites are e-commerce sites.

TODAY, fancy websites, selling, trading or distributing anything are all called being in e-commerce, they may be but surely not specialized business models of E-commerce that demands extraordinary merchandising and retail management blended and mixed value-added features.

Furthermore, absence of extreme customization with premium goods and services for premium prices, along with  special guarantees  and backed by sophisticated  organizational support...... eliminates  the philosophical mindsets of  Montgomery model.....leaving a  website operation in warehouse dust.

The honor and serving of the latest  operational research on *Developing World and  E-commerce* continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Chairman, Expothon Worldwide, Mr. Naseem Javed. 


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