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AT THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY and its Master Global Publication : Sam Daily Times - *The Voice Of The Voiceless* - the students have learnt and always practiced, and dare I say...........

And dare I say, even mastered the esoteric art of always 'balancing the highest set of values' just as    ''we obey and follow the rule of law in every single country of the world''.

We never publish slander, or fake news. We avoid many, many things and endeavor never to add woes to any individual or a country. We publish global knowledge, we publish value, just as we publish our aspirations, our hopes and our honors for a better future.

''A more open and honest exchange of information and knowledge is our one great purpose, [and over all these many years, of voluntary and selfless work, all in the best service of humanity], it has proved to be a very noble one.

*The social-media overlords seem sincere when when they describe their high minded intentions.  They talk much less, however, about the money they make from their users relinquishment of privacy*.

IF ONLY TWITTER, FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE could keep their stories straight. The three by mining the private information of the billions of people who use them -

Many of whom are naive about the value of what they are giving up with each post or click. But the companies are grudgingly at best when it comes to being open about themselves.

Their tendency to show more reserve than the people whom they have encouraged to offer up bits of personal data has been especially striking in recent years.

Just last year, The Rose McGowan episode was a case in point. After the actress posted a series of tweets suggesting that some entertainment and media executives had helped cover up allegations of sexual harassment and abuse against Harvey Weinstein.

Twitter shut down her  account. Soon after that, the..................... #WomenBoycottTwiiter started trending, and Twitter reactivated it. That was followed by an unsurprising apology, in which Twitter's chief executive, Jack Dorsey said there was a need to be more transparent in explaining how Twitter comes to such decisions.

Same year, and a month earlier, the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg invoked transparency when he took to Facebook Live to say the company would share more information about who buys political advertising on its platform.

His vow followed Facebook's admission that it had allowed a shady Russian outfit close to the Kremlin to buy ads - in rubles! - that were apparently meant to divide the country and tilt the presidential election.

Ditto, Google. It promised transparency after advertisers complained that the algorithms placed their commercials next to terrorism and Hate Speech YouTube videos.

With each repetition of the transparency talk from the big social media platforms, more people begin to see right through it.

Maybe the flaw in social media matrix lies in the whole concept of transparency, anyway. The tech companies and their visionary founders have raised it as the cure-all for oppression and corruption   -even a path to personal enlightenment.

''The days of you having a different image for your work friends or co-workers and for the other people you know are probably coming to an end pretty quickly,'' Mr. Zuckerberg told the author  David Kirkpatrick in 2009.

''Having two identities for yourself is an example of lack of integrity.''

As Mr. Dorsey told Wired in April, 2017, ''A more open exchange of information is our purpose, and it's a noble one.''

The willingness of those who daily use of  Google and social media sites to offer up their likes and dislikes, not to mention the details of their spending habits and internet wanderings, provides Mr. Auckerberg and his fellows with that is the holy grail of modern advertising.

It also gives them an endless stream of free content to put those ads beside.Their users endless posts, spats and vacation pics make for the ultimate reality show.

At times, social media feeds are about authentic as a standard reality show. too. .

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