A DONKEY HAS BEEN TORTURED TO WITHIN AN INCH OF ITS LIFE. For no other reason than to show a disdain for a political opponent, in Pakistan's recent polls.

The poor animal has been punched in the face and stomach repeatedly while kicks to the body caused it to collapse in pain and grief.

But still he was forced to endure a broken nose, bleeding nostrils ripped apart as well as having a car  ram, rammed into him. Indeed, it is a miracle that he survived.

The Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation [ACF] , which was alerted to the incident and took the donkey in to care for it, is absolutely right to term this a  ''hate crime''. It has to stop.

This treating of animals as either punch bags or toys. They are neither. But, rather, sentient  beings who enjoy high emotional intelligence. This holds true across the board; whether a pedigree or stray or  beast of burden.

And they will deserve affection and respect.

The political party PTI was  right to denounce its supporters for this act of immense cruelty. We hope that  Captain will take serious and severe action against those who have blood on their hands and who acted in the  party's name; despite Captain Imran Khan being a well-known animal lover.

But such condemnation needs to come from across the political divide. And its message be the one that says animals, too, have inalienable rights; primarily the right to safe and secure life.

As a  goodwill  gesture , therefore, The World Students Society would like to see the political party make a monetary donation   to the  non-party  ACF  to pay for the donkey's  medical and food expenses.

The World Students Society thanks the Editorial Board of  Daily Times for the write up.


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