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''PARKING IS A VERY important problem to solve,'' said Jason Schulz, Inrix's general manager of  parking.

''Congestion and parking are opposite sides of the same coin''

Inrix and its competitors combine historical and real-time information to predict how likely a driver will be to find a space in a garage and which streets are more to have metered parking available during a particular time of the day.

WHAT INRIX doesn't do is let you know that a particular parking meter is available.

The problem with such granular information is that it's accurate only for a minute or two at best, before someone else grabs the spot.

Inrix accumulates street parking data base on historical parking trends by day and time, cost and available hours.

In addition, it is starting to  receive information from cars that have ultrasonic sensors-

As they pass an empty space, that information is relayed to the cloud and aggregated to generate parking patterns, which may already be known to residents in densely populated places such as Manhattan.

WAZE - the crowdsourcing navigation app, uses Inrix and other data sources as it enters the ''initial stages'' of integrating parking information, said Fej Shmuelevitz, the company's business development manager.

The app can suggest parking garages near a driving destination, with information that is updated based on the user input.

Waze is also looking to provide parking information that can be sorted on the basis of price, with the ability to pay for parking through the app.

Waze envisions street parking information that uses a vehicle's sensors and cameras to find free spots.

To find one's way in a covered  parking garage, Waze is contemplating offering garage owners Waze beacons, technology that uses Bluetooth to transmit navigation information in areas without cellular coverage.

HERE technologies, a mapping and traffic data analytics service owned by Audi, BMW and Daimler, expects to release its parking data feature next year, said Hemuth Ritzer, the company's vice president of connected vehicle services.

''We're looking at parking holistically,'' Mr. Ritzer said. That includes integrating historic street parking availability, real-time information and data from a particular vehicle's ultrasonic sensors as it rives by parking spaces.

This information will be supplied to HERE's app partners; used in its map offering, available in  Audi's new flagship A8 sedan; and shared with other Audi owners.

An improved parking experience is important not just to drivers but to municipalities as well, as one way to reduce gridlock and pollution.

Los Angeles instituted its LA Express Park service several years ago, combining inroad parking meter sensors with smartphone apps that allow drivers to to find empty spaces that might otherwise go underused.

Making it easier to find parking spots is not merely a matter of convenience for drivers, but a  necessity for cars when they start doing the looking themselves.

Automating the process of finding,navigating to and paying for parking is an essential element in the creation of a fully autonomous vehicle.

Mr. Ziglar of Parkmobile said he could envision a time when his company's technology not only for and parked a car by itself, but also serviced, cleaned and charged the vehicle, automatically.

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