TODAY'S smart Turkey is a result of gradual evolution and not a dreamed up revolution of some kind.

To quote Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the  most revered leader of  modern secular Turkey : "No country is in any way free unless it is democratic."

Stressing the values of  democratic values, the farsighted  laid down the  roadmap for  Turk generations to follow. He led them to what we know as modern day Turkey :  a secular, democratic state, embedded with the values of   freedom and progress.

Turkey makes its mark not only in the Muslim world, but is about to be recognised at the international stage as a significant and growing player and a key representative of the ailing Muslim world.

While the Muslim world criticised Turkey all along for abolishing its Islamic identity, adapting to the western-secular outlook, it is fascinating to see the very same Turkey, in its western secular outlook,  at present, is taking on the leadership role for the otherwise dispersed Ummah.

Muslim countries are severely lagging behind their regional and global counterparts in spheres such as Education, Social Development, Technological Advancement, Economic empowerment, etc.

Their plight is the result of the themselves accustomed to dictatorial rule, or due to their weak, incompetent and corrupt democracies.

Turkey has made remarkable progress in all of  the aforementioned dimensions through strengthening its internal political democratic structure , and resorting to an effective diplomatic, and military engagement in persuasion of the interest of both, regional as well as international level.

What's critical to note and learn from for rest of the Muslim world here, however, is that today's Turkey is a result of gradual evolution and not a dreamed revolution.

The World Students Society thanks author and researcher  Hussaan Tariq for his opinion.


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