LAHORE/PAKISTAN round kicked off on Saturday with Ambassador Ardi Stoios-Braken from Netherlands.

Circle has made its presence felt off late by empowering women in the field of Technology.

It is a one of the kind platform for women entrepreneurs all over Pakistan to showcase their tech acumen through a start-up.

The initiative has a humongous following in Karachi but this time, it comes to Lahore on a bigger scale.

To discover the next generation of women innovators and inspire youth, CIRCLE'S team of six women has been travelling by train from  Karachi to Lahore.  She Loves Tech Lahore  round was held at Innovation District 92.

For those of you who don't know, She Loves Tech is the world's largest  start-up competition for women and tech, happening in 14 countries including  Pakistan, China, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, Kenya amongst others.

It is a  global initiative  showcasing the convergence of  the latest trends in technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and the opportunities it creates for women.

The Lahore round kicked off on Saturday with Ambassador  Ardi Stoios-Braken  from Netherlands, who presented the welcome keynote to a room full of start-ups, youth and leading  business leaders.

Top 10 female applicants from Lahore pitched their ideas about how to create  social change through the use of tech and tackle some of Pakistan's  pressing challenges.

The two finalists from Lahore are   Aero Engine Craft by Dr. Sarah Querishi and Marham by  by Asma Salman Omer and Farwa Ali.

These finalists will go on to compete in the finals in Karachi, and the winner gets to go to China for  global finals.


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