IT was finally a night to celebrate in this village tucked into the mountains of central Puerto Rico.

People pressed TV remote  buttons, clicked on fans and plugged in refrigerators as electricity again flowed into homes that had been without power since two major hurricanes devastated the US  territory nearly a year ago.

Lights are slowly coming on for the more than 950 homes and businesses across Puerto Rico that remain without power in hard-to-reach areas.

Repair crews are sometimes forced to dig holes by hand and scale down steep mountainsides to reach damaged light posts. Electrical poles have to be ferried in one-by-one via helicopter.

It is slow work, and it has nearly two months past the date when officials had promised that everyone in Puerto Rico would be energized.

And even as TVs glow into the night and people like 20-year-old delivery man Steven Vilella once again savor favorite foods like shrimp and Rocky-Road ice cream, many fear their newly returned normality could be short-lived.

Turmoil at the island's power company and recent winds and rains that knocked out electricity to tens of thousands of people at the  start of the new hurricane season have them worried.

"If another storm comes through, we're going to die. There's no money left here," said 66 -year- old  Marta Bermudez, who still has a blue tarp over his rusting zinc-proof.

She doesn't believe the government has enough resources to properly rebuild the power grid amid an  11-year-old recession.

Still, after power was restored to her house on Friday, she celebrated no longer hiving to eat a diet of mostly rice, bananas and soup or wash clothes by hand in a sink that she and her husband found on the street after Hurricane Irma.

The only power they had for 10 months was courtesy of a neighbor who threw over a thin yellow extension cord connected to his generator that provided just enough power to light one bulb in the kitchen and another in her living room for a couple of hours each day. [Agencies]


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