*How does one add an Android contact photo for someone who doesn't already have one, so one can something besides initials in a circle?*

START by opening the Contacts app on your Android device and selecting the contact you like to  dress up with a photo.

Tap the pencil-shaped Edit icon in the lower right corner;  if you have multiple accounts on the device, you may be asked to pick one here.

On the Edit screen for the person's card, you can edit the name, the address,  the phone number and and other information by selecting the corresponding text field.

To add a photo, tap the camera icon in the centre of the circle at the top of the card.

Once you select a photo, you can resize and crop the image to your liking. Once you have finished editing the card, tap the  Save  button in the  upper-right corner.

If you are using your  Google Account's  default  sync-settings, the  edited contact card updates across all the devices connected to the same account, including the  Google Contacts app for  desktop  web browsers.

The process is similar for those with Apple devices wishing to add pictures to iOS, macOS and iCloud Contacts.

When you have edited the contacts,  added a photo and saved the card, the updated version should be available on all the devices using the same iCloud account.


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