RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK : Lenove Data Centre Group, one of the fastest growing hyperconverged Infrastructure [HCI] vendors according to IDC, with HCI revenue growing at almost twice the market growth rate in Q1 2018 {149.1% compared to 76.3%},-

Is further expanding its ThinkAgile portfolio to provide an innovative solution for customers who desire the agility of the public cloud and the security of a public cloud.

To address this growing customer trend, Lenovo together with Cloudistics has developed the  ThinkAgile CP Series composable Cloud Platform, a Cloud-in-a-box that offers all of the conveniences and ease-of-use of a public cloud environment secured behind the customer's own data center firewall.

Lenove ThinkAgile CP Series with fully-integrated infrastructure, application marketplace and end-to-end automation of software-defined network, compute and storage delivers a turnkey cloud experience that can be easily and centrally manged from anywhere through a Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS) portal.

"As a global company that is unencumbered by legacy, Lenovo is uniquely to not only listen to our customers and understand their pain points, but also develop revolutionary solutions that eliminate  IT roadblocks and accelerate their business growth," said Roderic Lappin, Senior Vice President,  Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Lenovo Data Center Group.

The ThinkAgile CP Series is another example of how Lenovo is driving the industry forward by enabling customers to truly own their cloud experience in a secure, scalable and streamlined way.

"Cloudistics" private cloud computing platform cuts down application deployment cycles by 90%,  which translates to faster time to revenue," said Najaf Hussain, Chief Executive Officer of Cloudistics. [AP]


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