Headline July 08, 2018/ "' *HACKING -START-UP- HEAVENS* "'


"TECHNICALLY - TECHNICALLY ANY RUSSIAN* who works in I.T. is a hacker, so we're all  "Russian Hackers", and a lot of people like to mention it, but it's not so funny when-

People like to mention it 10 times per day or 10 times per party," said Ivan Noviko, co-founder and chief executive of Wallarm.

"We definitely don't like this hype about it."

In the United States, in the Silicon Valley, Pall falls over Russians in technology. Russians are the  target of suspicions in Silicon Valley, but they're also greatly, very greatly in demand.

When young Russian technologists first arrive in San Francisco, the person they often text is the investor Nicholas Davidov. Mr. Davidov, 30, said he was part of what he called the New Wave-

A group of Russian Founders and Engineers who come over to Silicon Valley in the last few years.

They gather at a Russian immigrant-owned bar in San Francisco, Rum & Sugar, and every Wednesday at a smoke shop in Redwood City, Calif., where they share stories.

Most of the comments that Mr. Davidov and his friends now get are couched as jokes, he said.

"Somebody announced me on one of the conferences where I was speaking and said, "I invited Nick because I wanted to collude with Russians," he said. "Just a lot of jokes."

Mr. Davidov is an investor in Wallarm, a cybersecurity firm based in San Francisco. He attributes Wallarm's double-digit growth this year directly to the peculiar reputation-

That has come from the election-influence campaign and fact that the company's founders are Russian.

Ivan Novikov, 29, a co-founder and the chief executive of Wallarm, was less enthusiastic about how news of Russian interference  in the election has affected his life.

"Technically, any Russian who works in  I.T. is a hacker, so were all 'Russian Hackers', and a lot of people like to mention it, but it's not so funny when it's 10 times per day or 10  times per party," he said.

"We definitely don't like this hype about it."

Some Russian-born entrepreneurs said they had noticed no change in how they were treated. Stanslav Shalunov, a co-founder of Open Garden, which develops peer-to-peer mesh networking software, said he hadn't experienced anything different.

"With all this hacking news, I don't think anyone alleges anyone from the Russian tech community in the U.S. is engaged in it,"he said.

And it's pretty obvious that lots of people from Russia are getting hired."

Back at what may only briefly be known as the Hack Temple [investor's want a new name before it officially opens], two young Russians entrepreneurs made breakfast sandwiches in the rectory kitchen one morning.

''The building has bed rooms, some with bunks to fit up to four; a living room full of Midcentury Modern sofas, and a patio covered in artificial turf and often used for beer pong.

Before Mr. Cherkashin bought the building in January 2016, it was  Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Church.

In the cavernous nave, the stained-glass saints were covered in gauzy panels to soften the religious feel. Volunteers have fixed the broken organ so it plays again, now for parties.

If there would be a city in the world where you can go the church and a hackers house'," Mr. Cherkashian said,  "it would be only this one."

On the wall along one of the aisles, Evgeniy Lapchenko, the Ukrainian artist, has remade  Hieronymous Bosch's "Garden of Earthy Delights,".

Among the twisted  human figures  are tech luminaries, the Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs taking a selfie, revelers at  Burning Man and Mr. Brin of  Google in a self-driving car.

As for rebranding a Hack temple, Mr. Cherkashin hasn't food a new name he likes.

"It can be called the Start-Up Temple," he said. "But it's just too boring."

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