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"THIS IS HOW I FEEL EVERY TIME i meet with an investor and they hear my Russian accent,'' Mr. Cherkahin added :

"They have this smile on their face". Prospective partners and start-ups invariably ask the same question, Mr. Cherkashin said : Is his money clean?

"This question comes up two or three times a day,'' he said. "I don't think people would ask this question to a manager from another region."

*Julian Zegelman, an entrepreneur and a lawyer who represents and invests in Russian-speaking founders, said potential local tech partners worried they would accidentally get into business with the Russian government*.

 "They don't want to be invested or dealing with companies whose technical talent is captive in Russia," he said.

Mr. Zegleman said that he had noticed that some cybersecurity firms, big tech companies,  government customers and large venture capital firms were the most way about working with new Russian immigrants.

Yet some start-ups and small investment firms are more interested in Russian talent now.

 "If you would have asked years ago what Russia was known for, it would be Putin, the oligarchs and oil," he said, referring to the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin.

Now when you ask "folks, What do you think about Russia?' you get things back like : Oh, great  cryptography. Oh, it's a lot of talented engineers.' "

Leonard Grayver, a lawyer specializing in start-ups who is on the board of the American Business Associations Russian Speaking Professionals, said the hacking had put Russian Tech talent at "the forefront".

His firm brokers technology deals between Russian and Silicon Valley, handling licensing and talent acquisitions, and he said the average size of a deal had risen to $4 million this year from $1 million  to $2 million last year.

And as companies staff up with Russian talent, he is getting a new question that he finds bizarre : Are we letting the wolf in the henhouse? Some  companies have asked him to help arrange for heightened internal security, he added.

"A lot of clients are trying to find ways to hire those Russian Hackers and at the same time instituting heightened security protocols internally," he said.

"They are isolating source code so you don't have access to the main tree."

When young technologists Russian first arrive in San Francisco, the person they often text is the investor  Nicholas Davidov.

Mr. Davidov, 30 said he was part of what is called the  New Wave, a group of Russian founders and engineers who came over to Silicon Valley in the last few years.

They gather at Russian immigrant owned bar in San Francisco, Rum & Sugar, and every Wednesday at a smoke shop in Redwood City, Calif, where they share stories.

Most of the comments that Mr. Davidov and his friends now get are couched as jokes, he said.

"Somebody announced me on one of the conferences where I was speaking and said, I invited Nick because, I wanted to collude with Russians,'' he said.

"Just a lot of jokes". 

Mr. Davidov is an investor in Wallarm, a cybersecurity firm based in San Francisco. He attributes  Wallarm's double-digital growth this year directly-

To the peculiar reputation that has come from the election-influence campaign and the fact that the company's founders are Russians.

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