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''YOU HEROES - IF YOU....... IF YOU ALL* : The genius students of the entire world and that includes these great and brave student-heroes :

Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Saima, Dee, Zainab,  Seher, Emaan, Armeen, Zilli, Lakshmi,  Dantini, Anne,  Aqsa,  Hussain,  Shahzeb,  Zaeem, Vishnu, Salar,  Danyial,  Haider, Jordan, Bilal-

"If you all work even harder, and more intelligently, and the parents and the professors and the  teachers and the students of the world support you,-

*The World Students Society - in the beautiful years ahead, is just so beautifully positioned to take the place of Facebook

Jake Dollarhide, chief executive officer of Longhow Asset Management in Tulsa, Oklahoma puts it succinctly.

"We own Facebook for its leadership in the tech industry. It's the F in FAANG, but what's to say that  10 years from now, Facebook isn't next Myspace and something else has taken its place?'' !WOW! to that.

AS Facebook continues to grapple with big existential questions, ranging from its users' privacy to tech addiction to how it deals with- 
Fake news and misinformation, hate speech and extremism on its service.

At times, it has seemed as though Facebook can't quite decide where its values really, really lie. For instance, it continues to straddle the line between policing what users say and remaining a neutral platform in an increasingly divided world, and-

Between protecting privacy while collecting as much information on its users as possible.

Facebook had 2.23 billion monthly users as of June 30, up 11 percent from a year earlier Analysts were expecting 2.25 billion, according to FactSet. Users growth both on a monthly and daily basis was flat in the U.S. and the rest of North America, while it declined slightly in Europe.

Facebook has largely saturated in the U.S. and Western European markets, and is now looking to countries such as Brazil, India and Indonesia for new users.

Revenues from these regions, however,. is far below what Facebook rakes in from the U.S. and Europe.

The company earned $5.1 billion, or $1.74  per share, up 31 percent and above analysts estimates of  $1.71.

But revenues went up 42 percent to $13.23 billion was slightly below $13.34 that Wall Street was expecting.

But on an experts in pajamas, BATTLING BOTS

'' IT WAS THIS GREAT case study in peer-to-peer misinformation," Ms. DiResta said.

Through one account she created to monitor anti-vaccine groups on Facebook, she quickly realized she was being pushed toward other anti-vaccine accounts, creating an echo chamber in which viewpoints like ''vaccines cause autism" seem to be the majority.

Soon, her Facebook account began promoting content to her on a range of other conspiratorial ideas,  including people who claim the earth is flat and those who believe that  ''chem trails," or trails left in the sky by planes were spraying chemical agents on an unsuspecting public.

"So by Facebook suggesting all these accounts, they were essentially creating this vortex in which conspiratorial ideas can just breed and multiply," Ms. DiResta said.

Her published findings on the anti-vaccine movement brought her to the the attention of Obama administration, which reached out to her in 2015.

She recalled a meeting with the tech companies at the White House in February 2016 at which executives, policy leaders and administration officials were told that Americans-made social media platforms were key to the dissemination of propaganda by ISIS.

It was during that time that she first met Jonathan Morgan, a fellow social media disinformation researcher who had published papers on how the Islamic State spreads its propaganda online.

"We kept saying this was not a one off. This was a toolbox anyone can use," Ms. DiResta said. "We told the tech companies they had created a mass way to reach Americans."

A year and a half later, they hope everyone is finally listening.

"I think we are at this real moment, where as a society we are asking how much responsibility these companies have toward ensuring that their platforms aren't being gamed -

And that we, as their users,........................... aren't being pushed toward disinformation," Ms. DiResta said.

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