LONDON : Grow Online Pakistan partnered with Riwayat London and jointly launched Pret a Pak, a fashion and lifestyle mobile and online shopping platform at Pakistan Fashion Week London 13.

It was a well attended and glittery even which was held in London on Saturday and Sunday. Over the last seven years-

Riwayat has been bringing the best traditions of Pakistan textile and fashion industries in Pakistan Fashion Week - London-  To new audiences across Europe.

Riwayat continued their success with the launch of  PFW13, Preta-Pak is a content style mobile and online platform for a luxury shopping experience of latest trends, designer labels, fashion brands and textile gamers.

It facilitates every single merchant to la full-featured  merchant to launch full-featured mobile app with their own brand name within a week.

And the best part is, it does not not require huge investments or technical expertise to make, manage or market your app.

The key features of the app include , single and unified cart,  store browser, shop the video, shop the article and show the content.

The event was attended by renowned  Pakistani designers and  hot steppers. [PR] 


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