Authorities abandon 'zero-tolerance' for immigrant families.

The Trump administration has scaled back a key element of its zero tolerance immigration policy amid a global uproar over the the separation of more than 2, 300 migrant families-

Halting the practice of turning over parents to prosecutors for charges of illegally entering the country.

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said Monday that President Donald Trump order last week to stop splitting immigrant families at the border required a temporary halt to prosecuting parents and guardians unless they had criminal history or the child's welfare was in question.

He insisted the White House's  zero tolerance policy toward illegal entry remained intact.

McAleenan comments came shortly after  Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended the administration tactic in a speech in Nevada and asserted that many children/students  were brought to the border by violent gang members.

Together, their remarks added to the to the  nationwide confusion as  mothers and fathers struggled to reunite families that were split up by the government and sometimes sent to different parts of the country.

Families are growing increasingly frustrated in trying to reunite with their children after weeks apart.

A mother of  Guatemala wiped tears from her eyes Monday as she told reporters in EI Paso, Texas, about her 4 year old son being taken away after they crossed the border.

The boy ended up in a shelter in New York. When the mother contacted a social worker to speak with her son, she was told that the child was angry and didn't want to talk because he believed his mother had abandoned him.

Th mother was one of  five parents who described their ordeals to reporters in EL Paso. Speaking Spanish and all wearing ankle bracelets, the parents said they have not been told when they will see their sons and daughters again.


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