MAYBE HEROISM can't be taught, but preparedness certainly can be.

And here we have Carson Abt, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School, express her advise and her profound grief :

'"Mr. President, think about my story. Reconsider your position on this issue. 

MR. GARD, my math teacher two years ago, evacuated his classroom due to the fire alarm that went off just before the shooting started. But he immediately pulled the students back into his classroom closet when the Red Code was declared.

He turned off the lights, locked his classroom and counted his students. Mr. Gard knew what to do and he saved lives as result.

At the sound of gunshots, one of my teachers last year, Mr. Rospierski, hurried students into locked classrooms, a protocol reinforced in the teacher training session.

Then he stayed in the hallway to guide eight stranded students away from the shooter, who was in that same hallway.

My high school is not the only one to benefit from training for a situation like this. Three months ago, an elementary school in Northern California blocked a shooter from entering classrooms using similar protocols and saving countless lives.

Every district can make itself safer through similar training.

Active-shooter training is not the panacea to end school shootings. But it is an essential part of keeping schools safe.

Whether one supports arming teachers, an assault weapon ban, or any other measures to reduce gun violence, everyone should see that active-shooter training should be part of a program to address school shootings.

I urge President Trump to talk to Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, who has proposed increasing the amount of training and drills for  active shooter scenarios.

I urge him to think about my story. I ask him to reconsider his position on this issue''

The World Students Society assures the author and student Carson Abt of total support in the days ahead.


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