Microsoft Employees Mount Pressure

More than 100 Microsoft employees have signed a letter demanding the company stop working with the US Department of Border Patrol.

President Donald Trump's administration has come under global criticism over separating children from their families at the Mexican border.

Microsoft have a $19.4m contract with the US Immigration, Customs and Enforcement agency - ICE.

The letter to Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella called to end the association with ICE and "other clients who directly enable ICE."

Satya Nadella also criticised the border policy but defended working with the US government on immigration.

"I am appalled at the abhorrent policy of separating immigrant children from their families," he wrote.

"This new policy implemented on the border is simply cruel and abusive, and we are standing for change.

"I want to be clear: Microsoft is not working with the US government on any projects related to separating children from their families at the border."

Mr Nadella said this was to support tasks involving email, calendar, messaging and document management.

Other tech companies CEO also expressed their outrage over the government policy.

“The stories and images of families being separated at the border are gut-wrenching,” wrote Sundar Pichai , Google’s chief executive, on Twitter.

"Urging our government to work together to find a better, more humane way that is reflective of our values as a nation.”

Apple boss Tim Cook, termed it as “inhumane”.

"It’s heartbreaking to see the images and hear the sounds of the kids. Kids are the most vulnerable people in any society. I think that what’s happening is inhumane, it needs to stop.”

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg said : "We need to stop this policy right now."

Other condemnations have come from the bosses at AirBnB, Twilio and Box.

Earlier Google dropped its contract with US Department of Defense, to increase the accuracy of drone strikes, after thousands employees signed petition and some resigned.


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