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TRUTHFULLY AND SINCERELY,  The World Students Society gets - Zilli, and the research team,  to have a very close look at the 'start-ups' and happenings in the developing world.

'Totally at Sea,'' she tells me, with that faraway look in her eyes, that she so gracefully reserves for  hopeless and helpless situations and happenings.

Technology was a great opportunity. It could have obtained and even given the Developing World an outside chance to get to some equalizers.

Can The World Students Society or could The World Student Society, lend and leverage some  ''intellectual capital and fervor'' to the Developing World?

Merium, Rabo? Haleema? Saima? Zainab? Seher? Dee? Lakshmi? Jennifer? Eman? Armeen,  Dantini? Shahzaib? Hussain? Haider?  Danyial? Umair? Salar? Bilal?  Vishnu? Ali? Zaeem?

Just after the Elections, God willing and with Almighty God's blessings, The World Students Society, most lovingly and respectfully called, !WOW!  will endeavor to set up its very own Venture Capital  for the entire world.

Shahzaib? Salar? Jordan? Bilal? and the great students of the United States of America?

With a heavy heart and with all praise for President Emmanuel Macron and the great technologists and people of France I slide forward :

!Challenges loom over French Technology drive!   

FRANCE'S START-UP AMBITIONS, have generated a grand buzz the world over. And the government is luring research activity with tax-credits worth up to $5.9 billion a year and other inducements.

This month, Mr. Macron announced France would invest $1.8 billion into artificial intelligence research through 2022. 

Venture capital - once so difficult to raise in a country where risk-taking was long stigmatized - is flowing more freely.

Venture capital fund-raising for start-ups rose to Euro 2.7 billion last year, compared with just Euro 255 million in 2014, according to Dealroom, a research firm.

That is more than the amounts raised in Britain, as well as Germany and Israel, which also have major tech hubs.

''The U.K. is no longer the undisputed capital of European venture capital,'' Deal room said in a recent report. ''Continental Europe is catching up, while France is almost on par already.''

For all the hype France must confront a number of longstanding hurdles.

While thousands of start-ups are being developed in incubators like Station F, the country has only a handful of so called unicorns, or start-ups valued at over $1 billion, include the ride-sharing service  BIaBIacar and the e-commerce site Vennte-Privee.com.

That is a measure of how challenging it is to create the next Facebook or Google in France. And fledgling companies still face considerable challenges scaling up into bigger, sustainable businesses.

Tech-related investments in Britain, meanwhile, surged nearly 90 percent last year to over Euro 7 billion, more than in France, Germany and Sweden combined. according to Dealroom.

And though France makes billions in cheap loans and grants available to finance start-ups and accelerators through its public investments bank Bpifrance, critics say that that can make it hard to tell if French start-ups are competitive.

Mr. Macron's efforts to make France an artificial intelligence hub have also been slow to make headway. Britain has the strongest A.I.  ecosystem in Europe, with with over 120 firms involved in the technology,, compared with 39 in France, according to Asgard Capital, a Berlin based venture capital firm.

The trend here is shifting, though .

Big businesses are increasingly tallying the advantages, especially since Mr. Macron converted 140  chief executives of global companies to ornate gathering at the Palace of Versailles in January.

He told them he was pursuing a strategy to make France more productive and competitive, and announced more than $4.1 billion in foreign investments, including a large chunk for tech.

IBM announced just two Wednesdays ago it would recruit 1,800 artificial intelligence experts in France by 2020.

SAP of Germany plans to invest $2.3 billion in research and development .

DeepMind, the London based machine learning company owned by Google's parent, AIphabet, will expand its operations in Paris, as Britain prepares to leave the European Union.

Facebook and Google also plan to beef up their French presence and their artificial intelligence teams in Paris over the next several years.

Earlier this month, Salesforce the American cloud computing company, announced a new $ 2.2 billion investment in its French business over the next five years.

With respectful dedication to peoples of France, Leaders, Technologists, Students, Professors and Teachers and then the world.

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