US : Democratic lawmakers vowed Sunday to end the ''evil'' separation of migrant children from their parents at the  US border, as  First Lady Melania Trump made a rare political plea to end the deeply controversial practice.

The ''zero tolerance'' border security policy implemented by President Donald Trump's administration has sparked outrage on both sides of the political divide and took on particular resonance as America celebrated Father's Day.

''They call it ''zero tolerance,'' but a better name for it would be zero humanity, and there's zero logic to this policy,'' said Senator Jeff Merkley of  Oregon, after leading a group of  Democratic lawmakers  to the Mexican border.

''It's completely unacceptable under any moral code or under religious tradition to injure children, inflict trauma on them in order to send some political message to adults somewhere overseas.''

After touring a  converted Walmart supermarket that is now housing about 1,500 immigrant children, Merkley said ''hurting kids to get legislative leverage is unacceptable. It is evil.''

The government has said that during one recent six-week period - nearly 2,000 minors were separated from their parents or adult guardians - a figure that only stoked the firestorm .

Trump has said that he wants the separations to end, but continues to blame opposition Democrats for the crisis, which critics say is one of his own making.

Amid deep divisions, congressional Republicans have struggled to craft a viable immigration plan.

The Republican-led House of Representative may vote in the coming days on two immigration measures - a hardline bill and a compromise measure that would limit legal immigration while also ending family separations.

The Sad honor of serving latest Global Operational Research on ''immigration and inhuman practices'' continues to Part 2.


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