BERLIN : BOSCH to invest 17 billion rupees in India.

German auto parts maker Bosch Group plans to invest 17 billion rupees {250 million} in India over the next three years to meet growing demand -

In the domestic automotive market, chief Executive Officer Volkmar Denner said on Wednesday.

The company will also ramp up investments in electric vehicles, self driving technologies, diesel engines and artificial intelligence, Denner said at a press conference in Bengaluru. India.

To keep paces with rapid changes in the automotive industry, Bosch said it plans to spend an additional 6 billion rupees to revamp one of its manufacturing facilities in Bangalore to focus on more advanced technologies such as Internet of Things.

Bosch anticipates electric vehicle technologies will be a future growth area in India as Prime Minster Narendra Modi aims to allow electric cars in the country by 2030. [Reuters].


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