JUST ABOUT A YEAR and half ago, the Federal Bureau of investigation made an extraordinary demand of Apple :

To get inside a dead terrorist's iPhone, American law enforcement officials wanted the company to create a hackable version of software that runs all iPhones.

To many legal experts, it wasn't obvious that Apple had a winning case against the request. But facing great legal and political opposition, Apple took a stand anyway.

Timothy D. Cook, Apple's chief executive, argued that the company had a financial and moral duty to protect its users privacy and security. He made clear that  Apple would obey American law - but only after shaping the law.

The fight paid off.

On the eve of the courtroom showdown, the F.B.I rescinded its request. It is worth underlining this point :

When Apple took a public stand for its users' liberty and privacy, the American government blinked.

Apple pulled down several VPN apps - so-called virtual private network programs that allow users of  iPhones and other internet-connected  devices to pass the Chinese government's censorship apparatus - from its app store in mainland China that weekend.

Under a cybersecurity law that went into effect last January, the developers of the apps must register with the Chinese government.

The law imposes criminal penalties on Apple and other companies that unregistered apps.

Whatever Apple may have done in private to fight the Chinese Internet law, the company has not offered a peep of criticism in public.

Apple's only public statement on the VPN ban said the company had been ''required to remove some  VPN apps in China that do not meet the new regulations.'' but noted that the ''apps remain available in all other markets where they do business,''

Despite the pulldown, Apple says there are still hundreds of VPN apps available on is Chinese app store, some of which remain unregistered with the government.

Search Apple's website for a letter from Mr. Cook issuing a public rebuke of China's intrusion into his customers privacy and freedom of expression - you won't find it.

The honor and serving of historic references on Global Operational Research on Technology and Markets continues to Part 2. !WOW! thanks author and researcher Farhad Manjoo.


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