Trump's infrastructure plan will transfer wealth to rich, typically whiter, communities...? writes Mary Grant......

LOW INCOME towns and communities of color pay higher water rates than their wealthier, whiter neighbors. And even within a community, the harm is not felt equally.

Water shutoffs disproportionately affect people of color in places like Boston and Detroit.

Corporate investors, driven by profit, have no reason to put money into low income and rural areas.

Trump's priorities are wrong.

His plan provides no money dedicated to communities that need it most. It includes no provision that prioritizes communities with affordability or public health challenges.

Trump's agenda will not help low income cities alike Flint, rural communities like  Martin County, Kentucky, or other struggling communities address their water crisis.

Trump's infrastructure plan will transfer wealth to rich typically whiter, communities?

Trump is not going   to increase federal funding for infrastructure; instead his scheme relies on smoke and mirrors.

Trump provides  no additional funding  to the State  Revolving Funds, USDA's rural water fund or any of the existing programs that provide dedicated funding for water projects or  technical assistance to struggling water systems.

Federal funding for water infrastructure is at lowest point in decades. Instead of reversing the decline, Trump's plan provides zero dollars to the highly successful   Drinking Water  and   Clean Water State Revolving Fund programs-

Which are the main source of federal support for our local water and sewer systems.

Despite not increasing support to these funds, Trump seeks to open up the clean water fund to private entities.

This amounts to taking away existing federal money from our local governments to give to big water corporations.

That's not all.

Trump intends to allow private companies to use federally subsidized WIFIA water loans to lease and outright buy public and water and sewer systems.

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