The Star Wars Day was observed by fans from across the world and to cash in on the opportunity,  Snapchat presented some thematic filters and tools to its users to mark the day.

The next movie of the franchise, Solo : A Star Wars Story is due to release on May 25.

The upcoming film will take us to the past showing us the life and times of the galaxy's favorite smuggler Han Solo.

The Star War franchise theme lenses, stickers and filters appeared on the social networking app to join the fans in celebrations.

One could completely turn into everyone's favorite Wookiee by applying the Chewbacca filter. The selfie and actionmoji options had everyone going strong with the force by their side.

The social media app - popular among millennials - partnered with the Walt Company to create these themes.

SNAPCHAT has been battling to regain its influence and user-baser after being hit by fierce competition by Facebook's Instagram and other rivals.

Apart from the need of constantly innovating, the company is also trying to stay relevant with  thematic pop culture partnerships like this one.

The company also enters into partnerships and exclusively deals with media companies to offer games, media and magazines content within its platform.

The impact that the  star Wars franchise has created on the pop culture worldwide is remarkable to say the least.

A saga that started in the 70s and with not many hopes i might add - continues to this day and is equally popular among the generations since then.

I bet nobody thought back then that in forty years from now this movie will be hit with Snapchat-using teenagers.

If you missed out on the opportunity to celebrate the star Wars Day, you still can.

Just look for those goodies in your app and see of you can still catch them.

!WOW! thanks Farhan Janjua.


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