SOUTHEAST Asian countries will work more closely with new powers China and India to counter the pressure of-

*Protectionism* and ensure continued growth, Singapore Prime Minister said Saturday.

Addressing the summit of the 10 nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the regional economic growth was well under threat because-

The political mood in many countries had turned against free trade. He said recent trade tensions between the US and China are particularly worrying.

The US and China are entangled in their most consequential trade dispute since World war II.

Both countries have proposed tariffs of $50 billion on each other's products; President Donald Trump is looking to impose tariffs of up to $100 billion more on Chinese goods.

The global strategic balance is shifting, and so is the regional balance,'' Lee said.

New powers, including China and India, are growing in strength and influence. That has opened up new opportunities for ASEAN member states as we expand our cooperation with them.'' [Agencies]

The Operational Research on Trade Wars continues to Part 2.


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