THOUSANDS OF Pakistani students see their dreams and future unfold by studying in China.

About 2,500 Pakistani students enrolled in Chinese universities in 2017 alone.

Islamabad: Student Rabia Saba 19, from Punjab, has started her school in China's Sichuan province to pursue a bachelor's degree in medicine. She said she adjusted to life in China much earlier than expected mainly due to the hospitality of the Chinese people.

''I didn't feel China is a foreign country. We get great respect here. We have a separate class of 50 students in the university. Most of our teachers are also Pakistan's so there is no language or cultural barrier.

We feel very comfortable in our classes and dormitories,'' Saba told Xinhua from Sichuan through WeChat.

Saba said many of her friends who went to high school with her in Pakistan are also pursuing  medical degree from various universities in China.

Apart from Saba and her friends, there are some 22,000 Pakistani students studying in various majors in China.

In 2017 alone, about 2,500 Pakistani students were enrolled in China, according to a recent statistics released by the Pakistani embassy in China.

Initially I felt homesickness and missed Pakistan too much. But gradually I realized that Chinese are very nice people.

They try tp talk to you in sign language and try to help you to feel at home in their country.

I hope I will learn their good qualities and will practice them in Pakistan when I return home after completing my studies,'' student Saba said.[Xinhua]

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