FOR HERTOG, the new theory is a step in the right direction.

''It makes the cosmology based on our new theory a lot more predictive, a lot.....stronger as scientific theory and therefore ultimately, we hope testable,'' he explained on the UK Leuven website/


Hossenfelder disagrees.

She described the new theory as just another ''variant'' of external inflation, ''with some additional assumptions on top of it.''

Thomas Hertog, who co-authored work on the multiverse concept with Hawking, says the measurement of gravitational waves can help determine whether the theory is scientifically sound.''

Hertog hopes to use gravitational waves, ripple in the fabric of space-time caused by black-hole  supernova explosions, or the formation of  the early universe, to test the new hypothesis he created with Hawking.

The  British cosmologist  died at the age of 76 after a lifelong battle against  motor neurone disease, which paralyzed hum and left him unable to speak.

Hawking, who once said his life goal was ''a complete understanding of the universe'', famously over turned a core tenet of physics by-

Predicting that black holes - believed until then to devour everything in their vicinity, including light -leak radiation. [AFP]


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