The Developing World would soon be forced to launch a mechanism to counter the spread of  substandard phones from being smuggled into these countries.

Pakistan has just done so.

These substandard phones are devices that are not registered with the Global System for Mobile Association [GSMA] and may be -

Mass produced by manufacturers who do not comply with international standards of production-

Resulting in the infiltration of the market by counterfeit, possibly hazardous, mobile phones.

''Simply put, if you are a Pakistani or a foreign national here, and your locally purchased mobile phone's unique identification number does not match with the Telecom Authority's database  -that is-

Updated regularly by the GSMA - *Your cell phone would be blocked*.''

The GSMA is an industry trade body  that represents interests of of mobile network operators  worldwide.

Headquartered in London, the body maintains a large database called the International Mobile Equipment Identity Database [IMEI DB] which catalogues the serial numbers [IMEI] of millions of electronic devices worldwide.

The unique 15-digit number enables the industry to deter theft, and keep a vigilant check on the counterfeit devices.


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