Meghan Markle's diet secrets! :

Steel-cut oats with bee pollen in the morning, sashimi at lunch, a green juice to keep you going and hearty soup for supper.

Poor old Prince Harry. This is the reality now.

With less than three weeks to go until he weds Meghan Markle in Windsor, the former actress has reportedly put her finance on a strict diet.

This is a man who grew up eating typical  British nursery food [his favorite according to former Kensington Palace chef Darren McGrady were cottage pie and bananas and custard] and who in the Army was known for his penchant for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Kale smoothies, morning Vinyasa and tumeric cleanses are unlikely to have been part of his routine before he met his Californian girlfriend-

[One imagines the Royal family is more of the walk-it-off-and-have-another-Dubbonet school of thought than the strict alkaline diet and daily spin class regiment]

How on earth will he be coping with his new regime?

One thing is for sure? Meghan is in charge. Sources say she has helped Harry to discover juicing, and had him replace carbs with quinoa, and is encouraging him to eat less meat.

A true Californian, she has always been health conscious, and regularly wrote about her diet and fitness secrets on her blog. The Tig.

Whatever regime she has put the Prince on, it seems to be working: he has lost half a stone.

She is not, she has said in the past, a fan of diets as such. No, what Meghan practices is [cue LA term for diet} ''lifestyle eating''.

So, what do we know about Prince Harry's new regime?

Meghan isn't strictly vegan, but has said in the past that she tries to stick to a vegan diet during the week and then treat herself at the weekend.

The Operational Research continues to part 2. !WOW! thanks Eleanor Steafel.


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