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Engineering and Technology Student Shahzaib Khan will begin work to muse, ponder, reflect, visualize, plan, conceptualize the exercise.

The World Students Society stands up and tall to give to the Students of America a standing ovation.

*STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION LABORATORIES*, and its new targets - procurement officials  in the American and British militaries and-

Politicians in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean - were much more responsive.
Mr. Oakes was able to leverage his aristocratic background, attracting a list of prominent people like-

Jonathan Marland a member of the British House of  Lords and former treasury of the Conservative Party as shareholders in his venture. 

Lord Marland said he was steered by a private equity firm to invest around $70,000 in the company, which he said was ''set up to give people security and military advice.'' 

AN ELEMENT OF what Mr. Oakes offered his clients was dirty tricks.

In 2000, Jeremy Wagstaff, an investigative journalist, encountered Mr. Oakes as an adviser to the president of *Indonesia*, at the time, Abdulrahman Wahid.

Mr. Oakes was paid $300,000 in cash for a two month campaign, Mr. Wagstaff said.

It was heavy on optics, featuring ''a Tom Clancy-style ops center with lots of screens and people beavering away at computers.''

''The money was changing hands in U.S. cash in sports bags, so it was a somewhat unusual arrangement,'' he said.

Mr. Oakes abruptly left Indonesia after Mr. Wagstaff reported in the Wall Street Journal that he paid  several thousand dollars to a nongovernmental journalist's organization, falsely claiming it was from the-

United States Agency for International Development, and that the organization had then put out  statements beneficial to Mr. Wahid.

Mr. Oakes denied claiming the money had come from U.S.A.I.D.

Bu then, Mr. Oakes was pivoting to counterterrorism, presenting a more sophisticated option for ''hearts and minds'' campaigns that the blunt propaganda offered by public relations firm and ad companies, said Dr. Briant.

''This pseudointellectual, academic approach, it looked really good,'' she said. ''you are creating a situation in which behavior will change. That idea underpins a lot of what they have developed since.''

By 2012,  Strategic Communication Laboratories was a trusted partner of Britain's Ministry of Defense, included on the so-called ''X-list'' of companies:

''Cleared to routine access to U.K. secret information.''

It was also providing training for Britain's 15th Psyops Group, according to documents released by Christopher Wylie, a former Cambridge Analytica employee.

When Dr. Briant last met Mr. Oakes for an interview, late last year, he was an expansive, boastful mood.

Mr. Oakes praised Mr. Nix, his younger colleague, for expanding the company's electoral work swiftly, making it into a ''a very successful commercial entity.''

*But he credited himself with the big ideas behind the firm's work*.   

''IF he's the Steve Job, I'm the Steve Wozniak.'' he said referring to the inventor who built the Apple Computer.

''I'm the sort of guy who wants to get the engineering right, and he's guy who wants to sell the flashy box.''

He rolled his eyes a little at the controversy that had built up around Cambridge Analytic's advance work for a pro-Brexit campaign, a role which he said Mr. Nix had inflated for commercial reasons.

Yes, the company had been branded as using ''pretty unethical ways of achieving their results,'' he acknowledged to Dr. Briant. But on the bright side, he said, this was exactly what many clients were looking for.

''PEOPLE coming to us are not ethical,'' he continued.

''I mean, frequently people come to us and say we've got so many dirty tricks against us, we now need to know the dirty tricks to go back.

Or we need to know how to counter the dirty tricks and you guys seemed to know how to do it.

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