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RIGHT AT THE  ROOTS OF 'Cambridge Analytica' this advertising executive was certain of the  power of subliminal messaging.

For around nearly three decades ago, this ambitious young London executive  named Nigel Oakes    fell out with his partners two psychologists, over a central claim of his new business..................

The psychologists considered his claim and claims unscientific and severed the relationship. ''He wanted to exaggerate what was possible to do using psychology,'' said Barrie Gunter, one of the psychologists.

Adrian Furnham, the other said, Mr. Oakes  was convinced of ''that mystical, incredible power of the subliminal.''

For Years, Mr. Oakes kept trying..................... 

Dr, Briant, who interviewed Mr. Oakes repeatedly for her book, ''Propaganda and Counter-Terrorism : Strategies for Global Change,'' said suspected that for Mr. Oakes, the hearings had been a painful experience.

''You need to bear in mind, these are powerful arrogant men,'' she said. ''They think they own the world. I honestly think they thought they were invincible.''

As a young man, Mr. Oakes cut a rakish figure. Raised in rural gentility - his father was once the high sheriff of Warwickshire - and educated at Eton, he had -

'' A kind of charm smoothness and charm and charisma that you associate with people who have that kind of education,'' his former colleague Barrie Gunter said.

After Eton instead of continuing on to college, he embarked on a racy career as a disc jockey and music producer and dated Lady Helen Windsor, a cousin of  Queen Elizabeth and 40th in line to the throne.

The business idea he took to the team of psychologists was ''Marketing Aromatics,'' a service that pumped in fragrances - of pine trees, the ocean, or new-mown grass - on the principle that-

''Smells can influence attitudes and therefore behaviour.''

Mr. Oakes was a young man in a hurry.'' under pressure to repay his investors, said Professor Gunter, of the department of mass communications at the University of Leicester.

He was also worried about his lack of  university diploma, pressing the professors to suggest a ''short cut'' that would save him years of study.

He was what the English would call economical with the truth.'' said Mr. Furnham, a professor of psychology at University college, London.

They parted ways, the younger man intent on building a company with a strong research component, Professor Gunter said, ''designed in such a way that of the client wanted, it could be used to influence the subject and make them do something.''

That company was Strategic Communication Laboratories, and its new targets - procurement officials in the American and British militaries, and politicians in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean - were more responsive.

Mr. Oakes was able to leverage his aristocratic background, attracting a list of prominent people like  Jonathan Marland, a member of the  British House of Lords and former treasurer of the Conservative party as shareholders in his venture.

Lord Marland said he was steered by a private equity firm to invest around $70,000 in the company, which he said was ''set up to give people security and military advice.''

*An element of what Mr. Oakes offered his clients was dirty tricks*.

In 2000, Jeremy Wagstaff, an investigative journalist, encountered Mr. Oakes as an adviser to the  president of Indonesia at the time, Abdurrahman Wahid.

Mr. Oakes was paid $300,000 in cash for a two month campaign, Mr. Wagstaff said.

It was heavy on optics, featuring a ''Tom-Clancy style ops center with lots of screens and people beavering away at computers.''

''The money was changing hands in U.S. cash in sports bags, so it was a somewhat unusual arrangement,'' he said.     

Mr. Oakes abruptly left Indonesia after Mr. Wagstaff reported in The Wall Street Journal that he had paid several thousand dollars to a nongovernmental journalist's organization, falsely claiming it was from the United States Agency for International Development

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