Headline May 21, 2018/ ''' *STUDENTS -EARTHLY- STORIES* '''


100 RAMADHANS FROM NOW - or *One Hundred Years From Now*, when the entire present livings, are up there in heavens above-

The Elected Students, on the earth bound, The World Students Society, will call an 'extraordinary special meeting' to thank all the great students of the world, specifically, the students of Proud Pakistan,

Who laid the solid foundations of the *eternal edifice* of the World Students Society, most lovingly and respectfully called : !WOW!.

Alas!..... With a tear and a prayer, they will remember :
Merium, Rabo, Saima, Haleema, Sarah, Zainab, Seher, Zilli, Dee, Lakshmi, Jennifer, Juniper, Emaan, Armeen, Aqsa, Sameen,  Neena, Shahbano, Areesha, Tooba. Anne, Paras, Sorat, and all the great girl students of the world.

Just as they will remember :

Hussain, Shahzaib, Haider, Vishnu, Salar, Bilal, Mustafa, Ibrahim, Ali, Jordan, Faraz, Umer, Wajahat, Umair,Zaeem, Hazeem, Reza, Ghazi and all the male students of the world,.... and

Little Darling Angels :
Maynah, Maria, Harem, Ibrahim, Haanyia and Merium. 

The future students of the world, are bound to say, that the invention, creation, and the sacrifices in building the The World Students Society was the *Students Finest Earthly Hour'.........

So, with a bit of earthly hope, we now turn to urbanization........

Undoubtedly, urbanization imposes short-term costs, including an increase in overall consumption.

Bit it also leads to reduced per capita energy consumption, as well as reduced birthrates, and it reopens old habitat in abandoned rural areas wildlife.

Overtime, mass migration to cities could be a driver of environmental progress.

That's already begun to happen in Europe, where wolves, bears, lynx, bison and other species have moved out of protected areas to re-wild a densely populated {but highly urban} continent.

If we can hold on into the next century, Mr. Walston said, urbanization could set up the conditions for that sort of recovery worldwide.
Holding on for another century is of course not an easy thing. It will require the kind of ''intense vigilance and exertion'' Churchill called for in the dark early hours of World War II.

We need to undertake a far more concerted effort of not just to establish protected areas, Mr. Walston said, but to ensure that they still contain the species said to be living there, as the stock for eventual recovery,

{''Protected area'' is now often euphemism for empty forests and oceans.}

It will demand significant action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and slow the rate of climate change, because recovery will not happen if we cook the planet in the meantime.

Finally, it means working to improve cities of the world and their ability to provide basic ingredients of public health - and the demographical transition-

Including sewage disposal, garbage removal, clean water delivery and a continuing connection to the natural world.

That thought brought me back to David Buckel. After retiring as civil rights lawyer, Mr. Buckle devoted himself to exactly the kind of work Mr. Walston and his co-authors talk about.

He made city life better by developing compost programs and collaborating with urban gardeners around New York City, with a particular focus on low-income neighborhoods.
Maybe in the end he believed his work was too modest. Or maybe he shared in the widespread sense of depression and futility because our decidedly un-Churchillian federal leadership-

Seems intent on actively worsening problems like species extinction, climate change, public health, you name it.

Ultimately, we have no way of knowing if  Mr. Buckel's suicide was a pure act of protest or one partly influenced by other factors, like mental or emotional illness. Besides those looking to find meaning in it should emulate his life, not his death.

They should stand up in ways large and small to help life on Earth through the current dreadful bottleneck. They should act now so some future generation - our grandchildren of the break through -

Will look back at what we have done with something bordering on gratitude. It's a stretch to imagine anyone ever saying of us, ''This was their finest hour.''

But at least they will know that we lived in such a way as to avoid utterly laying waste to the planet

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world, and very very much to  The Generations of future students to come-

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