Headline May 17, 2018/ ''' KOREAN TRUMP KARMAS '''


PRESIDENT TRUMP'S AMERICA ''first slogan'' of populist nationalism and isolationism has in it the elements of walking away from long-held-

Security/political commitments by declaring 'victory' of sorts over Pyongyang's declaration of its commitment to deneuclearisation.

Whether or not the Korean situation will ever reach that level is difficult to envisage or predict, but Pyongyang would certainly be hoping for that kind of scenario. 

CONSIDERING the near-hysteria and warlike tone of the exchanges between President Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jung-un- only a few months ago-

*It is very difficult to reconcile the change of atmospherics, starting with the Winter Olympics, in South Korea with North Korea fielding a joint team, and leading to the summit between- North Korea's Kim Jong-un and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea*.

In the joint declaration issued by the two leaders, they virtually announced a state of peace between the two sides.

It said : ''the South and the North affirmed their mutual goal of realising a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula through complete denuclearisation.

Furthermore, the declaration said ''that the two leaders solemnly declared before the 80 million  people of our nation [affirming Korea as one nation] and the entire world that there would be no more war on the Korean peninsula and a new age peace has opened.''

And to give credence to his commitment to denuclearisation, Kim has said that he would invite the US experts and foreign journalists to witness the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear testing site.

Kim acknowledged that the US had a deep mistrust of North Korea ''but if it talks with us, it would soon realize that I'm not a person who would fire a nuke towards the Pacific Ocean, or South Korea, or for that matter the US.''

In any case, according to Kim, North Korea won't need nuclear weapons, ''if the trust with the US is built and the end of the war and non-aggression are promised.''

It might seem unbelievable in the light of what was said before, but Kim has changed his tune and Trump is welcoming it.

Mike Pompeo, the new US secretary of state, who traveled secretly to Pyongyang [before his  confirmation in his new role] for talks with the North Korean leader, has said they discussed complete denuclearization that Kim was prepared to:

''Lay out a map that would help us achieve the objective.''

Basically, what North Korea is talking about is a phased and synchronised process in return for  security and economic guarantees. If denuclearization were to proceed, it would be tied up with the end of armistice resulting in a peace treaty.

If it happens, there would be need for the withdrawal of US troops from South Korea and the end of its security umbrella, including its nuclear cover.

Pyongyang is hoping that by appealing to Trump's ego and narcissism to claim credit for  ''denuclearising'' the Korean peninsula, however half-baked and illusory it might be-

It might lead to withdrawal of the US troops from South Korea. And Trump seems to be encouraging it.

President Trump is already claiming full credit for hopeful developments in Korea, with some of his supporters even shouting that he is worthy of a Noble peace Prize.

And Kim is very skillfully using the South Korean President's genuine commitment for peace in the  Korean peninsula to his advantage.

It is interesting to note that, with his political and legal problems at home, Trump is always looking for a distraction and declaring to his political constituency that he is solving problems that none of his predecessors was able to do.

And it is all part of his plan to make ''America great again'', whether it is reducing its overseas military commitments, as in the Korean peninsula if and when it might happen, and-

Fixing US trade deficits by imposing tariffs on its trade partners with large trade surpluses, as with China.

Where all this will lead or if it lead anywhere remains to be seen. But Trump seems to be relishing   all the uncertainty and unpredictability that it is creating.

With respectful dedication to President Moon Jae-in of South Korea and Leader Kim Jong-un of North Korea and all the proud Korean peoples. And !WOW! thanks to author and researcher S P Seth, Australia.

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