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*WITH CLIPS AND CLOPS* - The World Students Society, most lovingly and respectfully called, !WOW!, plans for *Global Elections*.

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*Thus and therefore, time enough to watch and learn how Facebook-ers get swindled by fake Zuckerbergs*.

FACEBOOK REQUIRES people to use their authentic name and identity. Yet the company has estimated.............

That perhaps 3 percent of its users - as many as 60 million accounts are pure fakes.

Some of these accounts are disguised as ordinary people, and some pretend to be celebrities such as Justin Bieber.

In congressional testimony last month, Mr. Zuckerberg said Facebook was improving its software to automatically detect and remove such accounts.

Facebook officials have said the company blocks millions of fake accounts trying to register each day and analysts said the social network has improved its efforts to remove the accounts.

''Fake accounts, over all, are a big issue, because that's how a lot of the other issues that we around  fake news and foreign election interference are happening as well,'' Mr. Zuckerberg told lawmakers, adding -

That Facebook is hiring more people to work on reviewing content.

But major holes remain. Interviews with a half-dozen recent victims - and online conversation with nine impostor accounts - showed that the Facebook lottery deception is alive and well, preying particularly on older, less educated and low-income people.

The Mark Zuckrberg and Sheryl Sandberg impostor accounts typically, typically use the executives pictures as profile photos and list their Facebook titles.

Some post manipulated images of people holding oversize checks. The names of Mr. Zuckerberg and Ms.Sandberg are sometimes misspelled, or use parentheses and middle names [Elliot for Mr. Zuckerberg and Kara for Ms. Sandberg] to evade Facebook software.

Many of the impersonators had dozens to hundreds of followers; several had thousands. They are aided by a network of other sham accounts with generic names, such as Jim Yowey and Mary Gilbert, which purported to be ''Facebook claim agents.''

The scammers seek victims who, based on the their Facebook and Instagram profiles, seem vulnerable, said Robin Alexander van der Kieft, who manages several groups that track the scams.

The various Facebook accounts share information about successful shakedowns and continue pouncing on those victims, he said.

He has traced many of the Internet protocol addresses of those fake accounts to Nigeria and Ghana.

The pitch often begins with an unsolicited .....

''Hello. How are you doing?'' on Facebook or Instagram. The fake accounts then proceed, sometimes in broken English, to inform people of their enormous Facebook Lottery Prize.

After several messages between The Times and a fake Sheryl Sandberg account on Instagram last week, the impostor offered $950,000 and a new car via the ''Facebook splash promotion in 2018.

When asked for proof the account was Ms. Sandberg, the scammer sent a Photoshopped identification.

''I want you to know that this Promo is 100% Real and Legitimate and the Government are aware of this Promo you don't have to be skeptical all you just just have to do is to follow all instructions giving to you okay,'' the account added.

Three days later, the account said it needed a $100 iTunes gift card to process and activate the winning A.T.M  card.

{iTunes gift cards can quickly be redeemed and traded on the black market for cash}.

After initially resisting the sham, Ms. Sandberg agreed to a phone call, adding :

''I'm not the one that will be speaking to you O.K..''

Seconds later, a call arrived from a number with 650 area code - Silicon Valley.

''You have to be careful, there are lots of scam artists,'' a man said in accented English after he was informed that he was speaking with......... The Times.

He added, ''All I am trying to do is get your winning package.''

The Times reached out to more than 50 impostor accounts. Most messages went unreturned. None that replied broke character.

The Honor and Serving of the   latest  Operational Research on Technologies, Social Networks, and Swindlers, Criminals, Corn artists and Crooks,  continues. The World Students Society thanks researcher and author Jack Nicas.

With respectful dedication to the Social Networks, Law Enforcement Agencies, Regulators, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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