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MR. NIRAV MODI  -THE MASTER BRAND JEWELER- on the run for his very crumbling empiric-world, leaves Indians and India very, very angry.

Born in Antwerp, Belgium to a relatively small diamond trading family, Mr. Nirav Modi attended the prestigious :

Wharton Business School of the University of  Pennsylvania before dropping out at 19 to join the family business in Mumbai, India.

His rapid ascent puzzled some and even many in the diamond industry, who say building a luxury brand both takes time and money.

''Using models and actresses that are world-renowned to consumers - that makes a brand seemed solid,'' said Karma EI Khalil, a jeweler based in New York.

''But It's incredibly expensive.''.

''For every Nirav Modi in this country, there's 10 more, and they are emboldened when they see the government failing - to take control or pursue the right protocols,'' said Vineet Dhanda, who lawyer who is urging the Indian government to tighten up the banking sector.''

LAWYER VINEER DHANDA questioned how business figures like Mr. Modi could raise billions of dollars from banks without ever providing collateral, yet - the average farmer struggles to borrow a few hundred dollars.

''The money they are stealing is from the poor people of the country,'' he said. ''If this money is swindled away, then it comes from the taxpayers to fix the banks.''

*Mr. Modi's lawyer, Vijay Aggarwal denies his client defrauded banks and says there is only a misunderstanding over a much smaller loan worth about $40 million.

He accused the banks and government authorities of damaging his client's reputation and the Nirav Modi brand value, making it harder for the company to settle its debts.

''This was a cause of civil transaction which the authorities have converted into a criminal one unnecessarily,'' Mr. Aggarwal said in an interview.

Diamond traders and jewlers have long marveled at Mr. Modi's rise. Nicknamed NiMO in the press, from the first syllables of his name, Mr. Modi was known for wearing custom-made cuff links with the fish from ''Finding Nemo''.

He first rose to international prominence in 2010, when he designed a necklace featuring 12-29 carat diamond set with smaller pink diamonds.

It was auctioned by Christie's in Hong Kong for $3.56 Million, nearly $1 million more than its asking price.

The bidding war landed Mr. Modi on the cover of  Christie's catalog, the first Indian to be featured so prominently by the auction house.

He formed his Nirav Modi brand later that year and announced plans to open 100 stores around the world by 2025.

In 2015, Mr. Modi opened his flagship on Madison Avenue, Donald Trump Jr was there, taking a break from his father's presidential campaign, as were beautiful and handsome actors and models.

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