ISLAMABAD / PAKISTAN : THE POOR FARMERS are gravely concerned about the governments indifference towards the issues being faced by them.

The apathy indicates that the government is no longer concerned about farmers and the false promise of cheaper inputs for them has come to a dismal end.

Furthermore, the fertilizer industry overall has now been put on the ''back burner'' and it seems no longer on the radar of the government, thus depriving the farmers of benefit from domestic industry, when international prices are escalated.

There is a need to take immediate measures to support the essential sector, which promises to strengthen the entire agriculture sector - the backbone of Pakistan's economy.   

OVER 70 percent of Pakistan's population is directly or indirectly dependent on agricultural produce to earn their livelihood.

Since, nearly 90% of the farmers in Pakistan have small land holdings - 12 acres or less - and very limited financial resources-

The farming community looks up to the economic managers, to take more concrete measures for providing long term relief  for higher yields and lower costs.

This negative posturing by the government leads one to believe that the government is considering withdrawing the subsidy and leaving the poor farmers to look to other means.

For many years, now, the subsidy granted to the fertilizer industry is not actually retained by the manufacturers.

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