TEHRAN FILM FESTIVAL is evidence of a self-confident Iranian cinema.

Mr. Oliver Stone, American writer and director was the guest of honor at event that, like Iranian society, had undergone major changes in recent years.

Established to celebrate the anniversary of the  Islamic Revolution , the festival has grown more independent, riding a wave of  international prizes for Iranian films, including two recent Oscars.

More than 350 foreign guests, selected from hundreds of applicants, traveled to the Iranian capital to see the premier of  35 films at the festival.   
Fatemeh Motamed Arya, a grande dame of  Iranian cinema, mingled widely. chatting, taking selfies, and directing visitors to screenings.

''Cinema is a place of dreams,'' she said. '' I want to show that I'm not from another planet., and make them believe in themselves.''

Mrs. Motamed Arya said that because of Iranian censors banned sex, violence and alcohol, the country's  film industry  has developed differently from most.

''Many of our films are about kindness and humanity.''  Censorship  was also a topic during a  directing class with Mr. Stone.

''If you face the red lines and censorship, find another way.,'' Mr. Stone told a group of 50 young international  film makers , members of the festival's Talent Campus.

They had been flown to participate in a week of workshops and classes by Iranian and foreign filmakers.

''Hollywood is finished,''    Mr. Stone said at a meeting on Monday.
''The future is for international cinema.

The Honor and Serving of the latest films and Iranian cinema continues to part 3.


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