A BLESSING that is sent to us every year is the special opportunity to purify our hearts and bodies, make an effort to atone for sins and give thanks to our Creator.

While our entire lives should be spent towards this goal, it is this particular time of the year that has been declared as the most suitable by God.

According to Amin Ehsan Islahi,  just as in the material world, there are seasons for specific crops to be sown and harvested and if these seasons are lost, no other time can compensate for them-

*The spiritual world too has defined periods of time when the spirituality of humans can benefit the most*.

FOR MUSLIMS, this is the month of Ramazan.

No other day or night can be quiet as effective for repentance of sins, cleansing one's soul, doing good and achieving calmness of spirit.

A superficial look at what Ramazan means would be to define it as abstaining from eating, drinking and conjugal relations from daybreak to sundown.

This form of fasting has been practised from for  thousands of years by humans, mainly as a symbol of regret for having committed a wrong.

It  was also common in  pre-Islamic Arabia. If this were all,  this would be mere starvation and this is not what God has desired.

It does no good if humans deprive themselves of basic needs merely to observe a ritual.

And yet this is what many of us end up doing during this month.

*The first gift given by God to humans is that of rationality.*

He then gave us His Books and Messengers to guide us so that we may navigate the tough terrain of this world by understanding  His Message  by using this rationality.

It was in  Ramazan  that the  Quran  was revealed, a  Book  that he has called  Furqan     -that which distinguishes between truth and falsehood.

Ramazan helps us to appreciate and understand  this great revelation.

God's instruction to us to refrain from fulfilling our basic needs for certain hours of the day are meant to assist us in developing piety  and a deeper realisation of what the  Quran  means for us in this life and for the next.

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