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The World at Large, is on a gambit, CyberOlympics may just be in order. The World Students Society should best wakeup.

Napoleon had a point : ''Defeat may be pardonable. Surprise not so'' :

JUST LAST YEAR, *The British Parliament' was the target of a vicious cyberattack that left all legislators unable to connect to-

Their email after remote access to accounts was disabled as a security measure. And a week later after the attack -

There were reports in-

The Times of London that the passwords of British cabinet ministers, ambassadors and senior police officers were being sold online after Russian hacking groups gained access.

According to the newspaper, the stolen data revealed the private login details of 1,000 members of Parliament and parliamentary staff, 7,000 police employees and more than 1,000 Foreign Office officials.

Britain's National Cyber Security Center said that it would issue further guidance to government departments after being presented with the findings. And with that I turn to Master Ben-Oni to see and study what we can learn from his experience..........

Mr. Ben-Oni says that he has spoken to 107 security experts and researchers about attack, including the chief executives of nearly -

Every major security company and the heads of threat intelligence at Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

With the exception of Amazon, which found that some of the customers' computers had been scanned by the same computer that hit IDT, no one had seen any trace of the attack before Mr. Ben-Oni notified them.

The New York Times confirmed Mr. Ben-Oni's account via written summaries provided by Palo Alto Networks, Intels McAfee and other security firms he used and asked to investigate the attack.

''I started to get the sense that we were the canary,'' he said. ''But we recorded it.''

Since IDT was hit, Mr. Ben-Oni has contacted everyone in his Rolodex to warn them of an attack that could still be worming its way, undetected through victims systems.

''Time is burning.'' Mr. Ben-Oni said. ''Understand, this is really a war - with offense on one side, and institutions. organizations and schools on the other, defending against an unknown adversary.''


Since the Shadow Brokers leaked dozens of coveted attack tools in April, hospitals, schools, cities, police departments and companies around the world have been largely left to -

Fend for themselves against weapons developed by the world's most sophisticated attacker : the N.S.A.

A month earlier, Microsoft had issued a software path to defend against the N.S.A. tools - suggesting that the agency tipped the company off to what was coming.

Microsoft regularly credits those who point out vulnerabilities in its products, but in this case the company made no mention of the tipster.

Later, when the WanaCry attack hit hundreds of thousands of Microsoft customers, Microsoft's president, Brad Smith, slammed the government in a blog post for hoarding and stockpiling security vulnerabilities.

For his part, Ben-Oni said he had rolled out Microsoft's patches as soon as they become available, but attackers still manged to in through the IDT contractor's home modem.

Six years ago, Mr. Ben-Oni had a chance meeting with an N.S.A. employee at a conference and asked him how to defend against modern-day cyberthreats.

The N.S.A. employee advised him to ''run three of everything'' :

;- Three firewalls.
.- Three antivirus solutions.
.- Three intrusion detection systems.

And so he did.

But in this case, modern-day detection systems created by Cylance, McAfee and Microsoft and patching systems by Tanium did not catch the attack on IDT...............

The Honor and Serving of the latest 'Operational Research' on Threat Intelligence, Cyberattacks continues.

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