ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: Prime Minster's Youth Programme Chairperson revealed that 500,000 laptops would be distributed among-

Talented and  deserving students by the year 2020 along with-

Broadband Internet devices across the country to improve the students leaning through technology.

The Federal governments initiative taken in 2014,  under Prime Minister's Scheme for the provision of laptops, was aimed at encouraging and supporting deserving students to digitalise the mode of studies in public sector universities, she said.

The scheme's primary objective was to assist students from middle and lower middle class  to use latest qualitative tools for their research studies.

Research and public relation officer informed that the scheme was targeted to facilitate 100,000  students per year for which an amount of Rs 5.1 billion and Rs 21.3 billion was earmarked for the Fiscal Year  2013-14 and FY 2014-18 respectively.

The  Public relations Officer further disclosed that some  200,000 more laptops would be distributed in the nest two years, taking the total to 500,000. and that  300,000  laptops   had been distributed until this  date.

The World Students Society will keep the Pakistani students informed of all developments as we go along.


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