PAKISTANI-AMERICAN actor Kumail Nanjiani excited on being nominated for an OSCAR

THIRTY-NINE year old Pakistani American comedian and actor Kumail nanjiani cannot contain his excitement and joy on being nominated for the-

Coveted and and highly prestigious Academy Award in the category of Best Original Screenplay for his film ''The Big Slick''.

The film is written by Kumail Nanjiani himself along with his wife Emily V. Gordon.

Nanjiani, who is known for his epic comic timings and funny oneliners, on hearing o f his nomination took to Twitter to congratulate his wife by Tweeting : ''How's it going?''

Nanjiani is based in the US but is originally from Pakistan. He does standup comedy however, romantic comedy ''The Big Slick'' is truly one of his noteworthy works.

Nanjiani is also a podcast host.


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