For more than 30 years, Fujitsu has been funding Malaysians every year for a cross cultural and management training programme with full financial assistance for postgraduate studies-

In a scholarship programme -JAIMS [Japanese American Institute of Management School] foundation, which speaks volumes of its commitment to talent development.

Fujitsu Malaysia officially set foot here in 1997 and subsequently won one of the seven eGovernment flagship projects to promote ''MultiMedia Super Corridor'' [MSC] program.

''Later in 2014, we went on to set up a local cloud platform in the Cyberjaya Data Centre to provide advanced Cloud services.''

Having been in the company as the head of the industry sales in the early 2000s, Chiharu has been privy to technological strides the country has made and sees much potential, not only in business adopting ICT but also in the quality of talent all around.

Returning earlier this year as the CEO, Chiharu was tasked to transform the company to be in line with changing trends such as the Internet of Things [IoT] and Artificial Intelligence [AI].

Using IOT and AI, ICT created new business opportunities by connecting different people in different industries, with co-creation recognised as a way to tackle some of the big challenges organizations are currently facing around digital. from lack of specific skills to programme evaluation capabilities.

''In Fujitsu, we continue to co-create digitally with our customers, helping them to connect the digital dots.''

''Our approach to co-creation means having an open attitude to what the best outcomes can be.''

''We work with our customers to conceive the possibilities that digital connections can create and to make them real,'' added Chiharu, as this forms the basis of  Fujitsu's human-centric innovation.''

''The Fujitsu Group believes that human resources are one of the most critical company assets.'' said Chiharu.


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