Hyderabad-India : US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump kicked off a  global business summit in southern India on Tuesday-

Calling for better opportunities for  'women'.entrepreneurs battling heavy odds around the world.

Ivanka, also an informal adviser to her father, received a warm welcome in India's  high-tech hub of Hyderabad with all the trappings of a state guest.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined her in the opening of the US-backed Global Entrepreneurship Summit which New Delhi is hoping will further boost political and economic ties with the United States under the Trump administration.

Ivanka, wearing a bright green floral dress, said fuelling the growth of women-led businesses and closing the gender entrepreneurship gap could help expand global GDP by 2%.

''Women still face steep obstacles to starting, owning and giving their businesses. We must ensure women entrepreneurs have access to capital, access to networks and mentors.'' Ivanka said to loud cheers from a packed audience in a heavily-guarded conference centre.

In developing countries, 70 percent of women-owned smaller businesses were being denied access to capital, she said, leading to a near-

$300 billion annual credit deficit for them. GES is an event conceived by former US President Barrack Obama.

It has previously been held in countries such as the United States and Turkey.

The theme of the conference this year is ''Women First, Prosperity for All.''

New Delhi hopes visit will further boost political and economic ties with United States.


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