By: Zainab

PAKISTAN : Women in Fata are rising to claim their rights.

Tribal Women under the banner of Takra Qabaili Khwandey {TQK] =  Brave Tribal Women have launched a struggle for the rights of neglected tribal women.

They want immediate merger of the federally administered tribal area [Fata] with Kyber Pakhtunkhwa, and a say of Tribal women in the decision-making process.

Samina Afridi is among the founding members of the TQK, a newly formed organization. She spoke thus:

''The TQK was formed with the aim to provide a joint platform to tribal women to raise collective voice for their rights in an effective manner and provide representation to tribal women.

''Most men in the tribal area are unable to enjoy basic human and fundamental rights but the condition of the women is even worse.''

''Tribal women are not considered and treated as humans.

Our voice many not be every strong but we have launched the movement and will continue our efforts by creating awareness in tribal areas and  among women tribal women for their rights. 


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