By: Zainab

INDIA : The raging controversy over Mughal architectural heritage, most notably the Taj Mahal is quite disappointing.

The monument built by the Moghul Emperor Shah Jehan has served as a populist tourist spot in Agra for centuries.

It was also included in the list of modern seven wonders of the world, a few years ago.

As a Unesco World Heritage Site Taj Mahal is visited by more than 600,000 tourists, most from abroad, every year. contributing significantly to what one might call, the Global Economy.

However, recently, the Taj Mahal was dropped from the state list of Uttar Pradesh's historical sites.

Although the list has been said to be limited for only foreign delegations visiting the state, it has caused a huge uproar considering that in June, UP Chief Minister said that ''the Ramayana and the Gita represent Indian culture and not the Taj Mahal.''

Hence, it doesn't seem implausible, writes author Raina Waqas that the list was intentionally made and the Taj Mahal may in fact in future may be excluded from the national and historical sites.

However, such a move will only create a greater religious divide in India. The sane voices of India.  particularly at the helm of politics, should collectively their voices against this to prevent-

Pushing the world's largest democracy towards its doom.


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